In the spirit of the teachings of Josef and Anni Albers, the Foundation’s educational programs seek to instill a passion and appreciation for discovery and craft.

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The Albers Foundation leads an active program of educational workshops in association with museums and other institutions around the world.

Photo: Adrien Thibault

If you would like to learn more about educational resources and upcoming workshops, please contact Fritz Horstman, Education Director, at

The Alberses

Anni and Josef Albers were passionate teachers, believing that the goal of education was to encourage exploration and experimentation.

Anni Albers

Anni Albers described how, at the Bauhaus, beginning in 1922, teaching and learning took the form of experimentation. With very little direct instruction or guidance, she wrote, “...Technique was picked up as it was found to be needed insofar as it might serve as a basis for future experimentations.”

Josef Albers

Josef Albers believed that teaching art was not a matter or imparting rules, styles or techniques, but of leading students to a greater awareness of what they were seeing. Albers said his goal as a teacher was “to open eyes” and his approach relied on direct observation and self-discovery.