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Our catalogues raisonnés of the work of Anni and Josef Albers are a rich visual experience as well as a comprehensive scholarly resource.

Catalogue raisonné of the Paintings of Josef Albers, 1914–1976

Currently in-progress

Owners of artworks made by Josef Albers are invited to contact the Albers Foundation to ensure that their pieces are properly and fully documented in the artist’s catalogue raisonné. The catalogue is a complete and authoritative source for information about Albers’s artistic production, useful for collectors, scholars, curators, and gallerists. Importantly, inclusion in the catalogue is also a warrantee of an artwork’s authenticity.

Following on publication of the catalogue of Josef Albers’s prints, the Foundation is now preparing the catalogue of Albers’s paintings, comprising over 3,800 works, including paintings on masonite, paper, cardboard, and aluminum, as well as early glass paintings and the Structural Constellations. The catalogue traces Albers’s creative development over six decades, from his early portraits, still lifes, and landscapes, his work in glass at the Bauhaus, the abstract works created at Black Mountain College, through the Variant/Adobes and his masterwork experiments with form and color, the Homage to the Square series.

Registration of an artwork in the catalogue can begin with a simple inquiry to the Foundation that includes basic information about the artwork (title, date, media, dimensions); any known history of ownership, publication, and exhibition; and photographs of the front and reverse of the piece.

    The Prints of Josef Albers: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1915–1976

    Brenda Danilowitz

    Over the course of his life, Josef Albers created over 240 individual prints and multi-print portfolios. The catalogue raisonné of Albers's prints documents the artist's lifelong dedication to the art form, from the early linoleum cuts and lithographs of industrial landscapes, architectural studies, and portraits made in his native Rhineland, to the zinc plate lithographs, screenprints, and inkless embossed abstractions of his later career.

    Hudson Hills Press, Manchester and New York
    in association with The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation
    Original edition 1999; revised edition 2010

    The Prints of Anni Albers: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1963–1984

    Nicholas Fox Weber and Brenda Danilowitz

    Although more widely known today as a weaver and textile artist, Anni Albers also created prints. Her playful and experimental approach to the medium was guided by a strong sense of color and composition. The catalogue raisonné of Anni Albers's prints documents 102 works, including lithographs, screenprints, copper plate etchings, offset impressions, and inkless embossings.

    The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation / Editorial RM
    Bethany, Connecticut / Mexico City and Barcelona, Spain